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Here you will find an overview of our services. In a consultation we will be happy to discuss solutions tailored to your needs and create an individual treatment plan for you.


Professional teeth cleaning is an important pillar of prophylaxis. Oral hygiene is performed by our specially trained staff and helps to keep your teeth healthy and caries-free. It can also remove annoying tartar and discoloration. Performed 1-2 times a year, you will maintain your bright and healthy smile.


In this area, we are dedicated to tooth preservation. In addition to the health insurance service, we also offer inlays, onlays and white composite fillings. With the help of inlays, onlays or white composite white composite fillings, we not only restore the natural chewing function of the teeth, but also the aesthetics.

Root canal treatments

If the caries has become too deep, root canal treatment may be necessary. Thanks to high-quality local anesthetics, we are able to carry this out completely pain-free. So the frightening root canal treatment loses its terror.

Crown | Bridges

Sometimes it is necessary to crown a tooth, thereby elevating it to the status of nobility. Even if this is meant as a joke, it can breathe new youth into teeth with large fillings or after root canal treatments. Bridges can be used to replace missing teeth. Thanks to the good cooperation with a master technician, all our crowns/bridges can definitely be seen.


Dentures are a good way to replace several lost teeth in the mouth. In conjunction with crowns, this is often a good way to restore full chewing function. Complete dentures replace the entire dental arch.


Implants are an artificial tooth root and can support one or more dental crowns. In a small operation, under local anesthesia, a titanium "screw" is inserted into the jaw and, after the healing phase, prosthetically restored.

Wisdom tooth removal

Wisdom teeth can make themselves known with annoying pain or lie awkwardly in the jaw. Then they should be removed. They are extracted gently and painlessly using local anesthesia.

3D X-ray

We are glad to be able to offer you modern X-ray technology in our practice. With the help of a 3D image, it is possible for us to assess the jaw and teeth from all directions and thus offer them the best possible treatment.

Pediatric dentistry

Even the little ones and the youngest are always welcome here. Especially at an early age, it is important to pay a regular visit to the dentist. Through proper handling and a lot of empathy, even children always leave our practice with a smile.


Periodontology begins with a harmless inflammation of the gums and ends with the loss of a tooth. It is therefore important to treat even the smallest inflammations correctly. (The periodontium is extremely sensitive; if bone loss is already present, it can be stopped with targeted therapy).

Transparent Braces

Smaller malpositions can be corrected with so-called aligners. The transparent braces are easily removable and offer a pleasant wearing comfort. We also offer retainer splints and grinding splints.


During tooth whitening (bleaching), bleaching gel is applied to the teeth using a tray. This application permanently whitens the teeth and restores their natural whiteness.

Our team

Your smile is our passion. With us, dentistry is practiced in the second generation. It is in our in our genes, so to speak.

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